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"I have known Jason for over five years and have worked with him on major project launches. Jason’s attention to detail is one of his strongest traits.  His work ethic is unquestionable.  Jason Brinkerhoff is also one of the most honest men I have ever met. The most success Product launch in our History has been the Cricut cutting system.  Jason Brinkerhoff was a key player in the development and launch of this product. Please see www.Cricut.com for reference.  Jason Brinkerhoff was involved at all levels of this development."
Robert Workman
Past CEO Provo Craft
CEO Tifie Humanitarian

"Working with Jason is always a rewarding experience. I have collaborated with him on a variety of different product development projects and his insight has always been invaluable. He has the ability to focus on details while simultaneously balancing the “big picture.” But more importantly, he demonstrates a high level of dependability and loyalty on every project with which he is involved.".

Michael Horito
Rocket Ship Design

“I was especially impressed by Jason’s ability to quickly understand our business model and zoom into key factors that lead to my company success.  His no-nonsense approach is refreshing.  He speaks his mind directly and clearly.  He would be a great asset to any organization as an outside consultant or as a key employee.”
Hari Miyagi
Chief Financial Officer, F-MATIC Inc.
"Jason is great to work with. One of the things that impress me about Jason, is his unique ability to foresee the ramifications of key decisions early. He has a rare ability to understand and communicate details to both technical and to non-technical people alike. His practical background and sound judgment is an asset to young emerging companies wanting to take a product from an idea stage to market."
Roger Andrus
Executive Director at Business Development Corporation of Provo
Director at Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum

"Working with Jason has been one of the high points in my many years of technology
product development. He was focused, diligent, and always highly productive.
He demonstrated both a deep understanding of business matters and a clear
insight into the costs versus benefits of technology design decisions.

We could always count on successful and timely delivery of those project components
that Jason managed. Enlisting his collaboration on any project would be a good way
to bolster its chance of success."

Phil Beffrey - CEO
Cognitive Devices, Inc
“Jason’s phenomenal work ethic and drive for intelligent decision making results in solid completion of concepts and products. This is a skill that is hard to find, in my experience. When Jason commits his word that something will get done, he just simply and effectively does it. He NEVER drops the ball. He assumes ownership of the task and delivers results.
If you want a product that doesn’t exist, or you want an existing product improved, there is no better hand’s to trust.”
Aaron Johnson
Owner/Founder pcCrafter Inc.
"… Jason's insights and recommendations helped the company focus on areas of strength which led to its growth. He helped in the design of three websites and his creativity led to the successful launch of those sites. In short, I found Jason to be reliable, not afraid to speak his mind, and a complete professional. A business owner would be wise to listen to Jason."
Jerry West
Owner - Web Marketing Now
"Jason has been an invaluable resource for us to work with.  His open and direct communication style, combined with his deep entrepreneurial and marketing expertise are key in helping us to refine our identity and build a realistic marketing strategy."
Jefferson B. Walsh
President I Biz Framework
“My experience with Jason has been a positive one and I see him as someone who definitely has the knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and background to assist anyone with their business. He has been able to help me with my vision for the future of my business by educating me on several different levels. Before my consultation with Jason, I was unsure of where my business was going. I knew I lacked certain skills, ideas, and knowledge but didn’t know where to turn. Jason was able to give me some very valuable tools and some wisdom that I wasn’t able to find in classes or books. I still use his advice today as my business is now growing beyond my dreams! I now have the knowledge, motivation, encouragement, and ability to take my business to where it needs to be and highly recommend Jason to everyone looking to start or grow their business or product.”

Crystal D. Doty
CEO - Clear Health, LLC.
"If you were looking for commitment, innovation, integrity, excellence, and a total team player I would highly recommend Jason Brinkerhoff.
Others look to Jason to “make things happen”. He has a strong sense of the steps needed to get products to market. Once he has made that commitment to a project he will move it forward with enthusiasm and total dedication.
I believe one of his greatest strengths is that he will always be completely open and honest without the fears of opposition of expressing his feelings. His standards are simply nothing less than those of excellence.
His thought process is detailed and you will find yourself thinking of things you hadn’t even considered before. His experience has helped to bring quality innovative products to market and I am highly confident that you would find your experience in working with Jason…nothing less than positive… and grateful that you had someone out there working so hard for you."
Anna Andrews
President/ CECO
Total Class Creative LLC
"Jason has the ability to take an idea from its conception throughout the following stages: conception, planning, technical drawings, operational drawings, manufacturing, branding, positioning, sales and distribution. His professional talents include separating group discussion into separate action items that helped us all reach attainable agendas in each of our respective skill areas. Often members of our team were satisfied with just discussing concepts, but Jason always made sure we all understood each concept, evaluated it's importance, and then mapped out a plan so we could accomplished our agenda. He is a doer, and once his directives are clear, he charges with bulldog like intent. I always had complete confidence that if Jason was working on a project with me, his action items would be completed to the letter and beyond."
Desiree Tanner - Owner
Enough for Everyone Consulting
“My husband and I recently arranged a consultation with Jason Brinkerhoff, owner of Tao Consulting Group LLC. to discuss marketing possibilities for a new skincare product we developed. We heard about the straightforward approach Jason uses to evaluate potential for marketing any given product and that was precisely what we wanted. In this economy the last thing you want, as a business owner is to be misguided by someone who fails to tell you the truth about the risk and challenges associated with the specific marketing of your product. Based on the solid foundation of Jason’s personal successes and experience, we were confident in his levelheaded advise, expertise and honesty. You can trust him to have your best interest at heart and he is not intimidated by a challenge…”
Diane Bunker - Owner
Time Off, LLC
“Jason was amazing and extremely helpful. Talking to him helped me to find a way to take a real step towards starting what I didn't think was possible.
After talking to him about my future business options and plans, I realized a whole new approach that I hadn't even considered.  I was so stuck in the traditional course of thinking that I never thought about other possibilities and what they might offer. I've gained a whole new perspective on what my potential options are and I'm so excited to finally be able to say "this is what I want and this is what I need to do to make that happen." I have a more clear and precise plan of action that makes a lot more sense. Thanks to Jason’s suggestions, I have been able to take my first well planned steps of many more to come, and I am now truly excited about my future business!”
Cindy Parvisi – Owner
Cake Flake Custom Cake Designs
"Be prepared when you work with Jason. He will ask you some tough questions and be brutally honest. At first I thought the questions were a little harsh. Then I learned that he had made some sacrifices to launch different business ventures and wanted to help me reduce the risk, time, money and effort required. He helped me determine if the ideas were viable so that I didn't lose anything needlessly.
The honesty was a good thing too. He is not going to tell you what you want to hear. He is going to tell what he thinks you need to be successful. He has been successful, is knowledgeable and is good at planning strategy. It is worth it to go though the effort of being prepared."
Doug Bruno
Aspiring Inventor